Caribbean Report 03-07-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. A sense of urgency in Bridgetown as Caribbean leaders look for solutions to the region's problems. Edwin Carrington, Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community, President Chedi Jagan and Prime Minister Vaughn Lewis are interviewed (00:27-05:34)
3. Economic reform again under criticism in Haiti. Joseph Pitts, Deputy Leader of the Group The Haitian Advocacy Platform for Alternative Development is interviewed (05:35-08:09)
4. Patrice Defer of the World Bank is looking closely at the Third World debt problem. Patrice Defer of the World Bank is interviewed (08:10-10:37)
5. The US governemnt is not yet ready to say what action it wants the UN to talk in light that the recent findings of the airplanes shot down by Cuba were in international airspace. Moya Thomas reports (10:38-11:44)
6. Antigua's Prime Minister denies there is a rift on US Cuba policy. Relations with Cuba and the strengthening of ties with South Africa were major issues for Caricom's new chairman Antiguan Prime Minister Lester Bird (11:45-15:23)