Caribbean Report 15-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:27)
2. In Cuba at least 5 persons have been killed, buildings damaged cane fields devastated, power shortages and interruption in communications following the passage of Hurricane Irene. The storm also brought rains and high winds to Florida. Authorities including Governor Jeb Bush issued warnings to residents in the Keyes. Reporter Pascal Fletcher reports from Havana. Reporter Malcolm Brabant reports from Miami (00:29 - 04:36)
3. Jamaica foreign Affairs Minister Seymour Mullings is attributing Jamaica’s securing one of five seats on the prestigious UN Council as a result of the support from other Caribbean countries and shares his views on the role of Jamaica within the Council (04:37 - 06:35)
4. Jamaica is closing its embassy in Moscow. The decision is part of the government review of overseas representations and high costs associated with the continued operations of overseas consulates (06:36 – 07:15)
5. CARICOM officials meet in Barbados to discuss the mysterious fish kill in eastern Caribbean waters over the past month. Fish is a major part of Caribbean diet and provides revenue for Caribbean fishermen in the region. Experts at the Institute of Marine Affairs in Trinidad prepare for the meeting and are conducting research. Bertram Niles reports from Barbados on the possible cause of the death of the fishes and precautions to be heeded. Tony Fraser reports on the possible links to beach whales and water temperature in Tobago coastlines (07:16 – 11:17)
6. One hundred public and private sector officials from the eastern Caribbean and North America ended a developmental conference in St. Kitts hosted by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Delegates reviewed fiscal matters including economic reform and economic competiveness. Dr. Wendell Samuel senior researcher at the bank discusses fiscal transparency (11:18 – 13:22)
7. In Haiti gunman shot and wounded head of the Judicial police Andre Marysol in an ambush near his home. Marysol was instrumental in the success of joint drug operations sting Columbus in cooperation with the US (13:23 – 14:09)
8. In a report submitted to comply with the UN conventions against torture there is admission by US authorities to instances of torture in the country despite strict prohibitions and strenuous precautions against such abuses. Problem areas identified include police abuse, overcrowding in prisons, lack of adequate resources by police and prison guards (14:10 – 15:24)