Caribbean Report 14-12-1995


In this report Windward Islands leaders, Sir James Mitchell of St. Vincent, John Compton of St. Lucia and Dominica's Edison James prepare to seek funding in London to purchase the banana division of Geest. Prime Minister Edison James comments on whether the British government can offer any assistance and he also discusses the effect this debt can be a burden on the Windward Islands. Police in Brixton, South London are expected to meet with community leaders following rioting. Ken Richards reports on the protest over the death of a black 26 year-old man Wayne Douglas while in police custody. Brixton Village Magazine journalist Neville Stewart comments on the mood in Brixton and how the community is handling the situation. Meanwhile in Montserrat the workers of the lone electricity plant have staged a strike which has further disrupted life for the residents evacuated to the North of the island. In cricket, the West Indies Board will hold a key meeting with batsman Brian Lara to determine his future in West Indies cricket. The future direction of West Indies cricket hinges on this meeting as questions of the Board's headquarters agreement, future site and leadership issues are raised. Board's President Peter Short comes under threat over his handling of Lara going AWOL on the tour of England. Finally, in Haiti, three days before Presidential elections, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide states he is being held back from achieving his goals due to political sabotage.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:31)
2. Windward Islands leaders due in London for talks on the proposed sale of Geest banana division (00:32-03:00)
3. London police continue to patrol Brixton after rioting (03:01-09:45)
4. In Montserrat, workers at the lone electricity plant staged a strike for over-time pay (09:46-11:46)
5. A crucial day for West Indies cricket as the Board holds a key meeting to discuss Brian Lara's future in West Indies cricket (11:47-14:35)
6. In Haiti, President Aristide states he is being held back from achieving his goals due to political sabotage (14:36-15:14)