Caribbean Report 18-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Questions surrounding the release from an American jail of former Haitian paramilitary leader Emmanuel Constant. Michael Norton reports (00:31-02:23)
3. Amnesty International has expressed concern about the increase use of the death penalty in the Caribbean. Angela Wright, Amnesty International is interviewed (02:24-05:25)
4. Air Jamaica is prepared to step into the void soon to be created by BWee. Air Jamaica Vice President for Sales and Marketing Mr Alan Chesney, St Lucia Director of Tourism Agnes Francis and President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Noel Cadasse are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reprts (05:26-07:39)
5. Britain's Commission for Racial Equality has warned of a deep sense of alienation developing among some sections of the young in the UK. Also, in Britain immigration remains an emotive subject and in an effort to clamp down on immigration most Western governments have tightened immigration laws in recent years. Director of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (London) Claude Moraes and Emma Duncan of the Economist newspaper are interviewed (07:40-12:55)
6. Barbadians are unhappy with the WICB ball tampering ruling. Sports Editor of the Voice of Barbados Erskine King is interviewed (12:56-15:30)