Caribbean Report 07-03-1990

An exclusive interview with embattled Haitian President, General Prosper Avril in which he refuses to step down from power. He confirms that such a move will be unconstitutional and will threaten the stability of the country; requests a team of international observers to monitor the Haitian elections next year; comments on the control of mass demonstrations and the electoral timetable. An exiled Haitian opposition leader in Miami responds to the statements of President Avril. Following the Financial News, the Cuban government reacts harshly to the approval of the United Nations’ resolution on the abuse of human rights in Cuba. The report concludes with comments from former cricketer and Minister of Tourism and Sports,Wesley Hall on reasons why the West Indies lost the first test match against England at Sabina Park, Jamaica.
Interview with President Prosper Avril in French with English translation.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00 - 00:32)
2. Exclusive interview with embattled Haitian President, General Prosper Avril. Jerry Timmins reports from Port-au-Prince (00:33-04:39)
3. Reactions from exiled Haitian opposition leader, Robert Le Gendre to President Avril's statement (04:40-07:58)
4. Financial News. Julia Jackson, commodity analyst, comments on the price of coffee (07:59-09:40)
5. Cuban government reacts to United Nation's resolution on human rights. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (09:41-11:45)
Interview with Wesley Hall by Brian Redhead, BBC Today (11:46-14:36)