Panorama 2002 - Meet the Bands Campaign

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Pan Trinbago’s proposal to judge the 2002 Panorama preliminaries at pan yards meet with disapproval. Pan Trinbago’s president Patrick Arnolds intends to embark on a ‘meet the bands’ campaign since no consensus was reached on the proposal. Richard Forteau secretary of Pan Trinbago stated that despite reservations by northern bands, many showed signs of conversion to the new proposal. However, chairman of the northern region Keith Diaz stated that his entire membership was opposed to the suggestion. Additionally, in light of Pan Trinbago’s reform efforts the elevation of bands to the semi-final round of National Panorama would not be done by order of merit. Therefore out of the thirty-three bands expected to advance, ten would be selected form each of the three zones in Trinidad while three would travel from Tobago.
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Nero, Sean. "Panorama 2002 - Meet the Bands Campaign." Newsday. 12 Aug. 2001: 20. Print.