Caribbean Report 09-06-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Correspondent Jean-Michel Cardouat reports on the use of the army by the de facto government in Haiti, to root out any opposition from pro-Aristide organizers (00:33-03:23)
3. Cuban Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ramón Sánchez Parodi, is interviewed by correspondent Charles Scanlon on the call for business delegates at a conference in Mexico, to invest in Cuba despite the United States’ move to tighten the embargo against Cuba (03:24-06:01)
4. Correspondent Gary Allen reports on the allegations of fraud targeted at Jamaican electoral officials, following the local by-elections. News just in adds that the Republican Party has filed a writ in the supreme court seeking to unseat Marjorie Taylor as member of parliament (06:02-07:49)
5. Police in St. Kitts and Nevis are set to investigate the death, due to drowning, of the country’s Deputy Governor General, Weston Parris. However, Police Commissioner Stanley Franks states that foul play is not immediately suspected (07:50-08:30)
6. Speaking at a reception in his honour, Governor General of Jamaica Sir Howard Cooke, tells of the island’s move toward becoming a republic. He is interviewed by reporter Carole Walker (08:31-12:11)
7. At the Rio Earth Summit, Baroness Lynda Chalker voices anger at the United Kingdom’s falling aid contributions to poor countries. In an interview with Correspondent Brian Redhead she talks of her expectation for improvement in British aid disbursement (12:13-14:39)