Caribbean Report 26-11-1996

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Cuba and Spain in a diplomatic row over Cuba's decision not to accept the Spanish ambassador. Former Commonwealth Secretary General Sir Shridath Ramphal is interviewed and Tom Gibb reports (00:30-06:38)
3. Butch Stewart plans to make Air Jamaica the regional airline for the Eastern Caribbean is being seen as a welcome development by one newly elected president in the tourism sector. Newly elected President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Anthonhy Val is interviewed (06:39-08:49)
4. The Caribbean Examinations Council's decision to replace English A'Levels is not welcomed by all. Professor Roy Augier and Principal Brother Michael Samuel are interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (08:50-11:21)
5. New York City Police Department thought it had struck a major deal with the Dominican Republic which would allow the NYPD a permanent place in Santo Domingo. Leslie Goffe reports (11:22-12:57)
6. Another voice in support of a world championship of test cricket. Managing Director of South African Cricket Board Dr Ali Bacher is interviewed and Warren Gordon reports (12:58-15:29)