Caribbean Report 04-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Dominica's Economic Citizenship Programme criticised its passport for sales as it runs into further criticism. Prime Minister Edison James, Opposition Leader Rosie Douglas, Grace Towne, Oriental Hotel Project and Anthony Martin, Critic of the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme are interviewed (00:29-03:52)
3. A failed grade for the OAS at its Panama Assembly. Larry Burns, Head of the Centre, Council on Hemispheric Studies and OAS spokesman Wesley Curtin are interviewed (03:53-08:35)
4. Dominica's Opposition Leader Rosie Douglas is warning of the consequences of what he sees as racist politics in the Dominican Republic. Opposition Leader Rosie Douglas is interviewed (08:36-10:16)
5. Despite a last minute appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Committee prison authorities in Guyana today executed condemned murderer Rodcliffe Ross. Colin Smith reports (10:17-11:46)
6. A failed grade for the OAS at its Panama Assembly. Yvette Colllymore reports (11:47-12:57)
7. How marijuana could give lows instead of highs. Author of a report on sexually transmitted diseases Dr Donald Simeon is interviewed and David Wood reports (12:58-14:24)
8. Seconds after takeoff from French Guiana Europe's biggest and most expensive rocket was exploded by scientist (14:15:17)