Caribbean Report 22-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. A warning for Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean not to accept as inevitable a neo-colonial state of dependency on superpower activities. It came at the start of a two-day seminar in Port of Spain, organized by the International Confederation of the Free Trade Union, the Caribbean Congress of Labour and the Trinidad and Tobago Labour Congress. Excerpts of speeches by Basdeo Panday and Dennis Pantin included in this Ira Mathur report (00:34-03:22)
3. Financial news (03:23-4:00)
4. Club Med, the French Holiday Group signs agreements for two projects in the Caribbean. In French Guyana, it takes over management responsibilities for hotels owned by the Chamber of Commerce. In the Bahamas, on San Salvador island Club Med will build and run a new holiday village. Stephan Geysler, International Relations Manager, Club Med gives details (04:01-05:20)
5. London's Notting Hill Carnival gets underway with one million participants. It continues to experience a financial crisis before the event. John Maitland researches and reports on the event. Interviews are held with Claire Holder, Barrister and member of the new Carnival Committee and David Williams, Chairman of the London Borough Grant Scheme (05:21-12:20)
6. Former West Indies fast bowler, Michael Holding is at the centre of a cricket controversy. He disagrees with changing pitch in mid play. Derbyshire County Cricket Club Captain Kim Barnett is interviewed by Pat Whitehorne as well as Michael Holding (12:21-14:52)