Caribbean Report 22-07-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. The main political parties in Bermuda are wrapping up their campaigns for the general elections. The incumbent Progressive Labour Party will present its thirty-six candidates against the selections of the United Bermuda Party. Important campaign issues have been health care for the elderly, escalating crime, housing and education (00:30-03:32)
3. As the Bermuda election approaches a leaked Auditor General’s report has cited instances of alleged mismanagement and corruption that seem damaging to the government. Bill Zuill, Editor of the newspaper where it was published defends the timing (03:33-05:19)
4. In Suriname, questions are being asked about the provision of security at the home of President Ronald Venetiaan after it was destroyed by fire. The police have determined that the perpetrator was a sister-in-law with a history of mental illness (05:20-06:38)
5. A new cabinet for the Netherland Antilles is being sworn in minus the gentleman expected to be Prime Minister. The reason is that he is under investigation for alleged corruption. From Saint Martin, Joe Dominique reports on the event and the surprising omission (06:39-08:18)
6. Antigua and Barbuda says it is confident about a win in an internet gaming case against the United States. Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua’s Chief Diplomat presented Antigua’s case before The World Trade Organization (WTO). The latter has set-up a panel to investigate Antiguan claims that the US is breaking global trading rules (08:19-11:33)
7. At least fifteen people, mostly young males are killed in Haiti when a high tension wire falls on onlookers at a basketball game. Electricity networks in Haitian towns like Petit Goâve are unreliable with many systems being more than sixty years old (11:34-12:03)
8. In Guyana, parliamentarians are about to vote for a measure that will outlaw discrimination because of sexual orientation but the contentious debate on choice of vote continues among the religious leaders, human rights campaigners and politicians. Pastor Roger Williams says Christians, Hindus and Muslims are united in their stance against it (12:04-13:54)
9. According to a new report published by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), some UK-based overseas nurses are having difficulty coping in the British putting-out system. The RCN says foreign nurses working in British hospitals and care homes face racism, exploitation and isolation. Ken Richards reports (13:55-15:33)