Caribbean Report 10-01-1992


Reports are aired on the murder of three Cuban Revolutionary Guards and its impact on Cuba and the Cuban community in Miami. The difficulties, both political and economic, of the Surinamese government are also reported on as well as the economic improvement of the Guyanese economy. However there is another report on the frequent power outages of the Guyanese electricity company and the possible sale of the company to foreign interest. There is also news on the controversy of the tax waiver issue by the Shell Oil Company and the involvement of two Jamaican ministers of the Jamaican Labour Party. The final segment reports briefly on a meeting of banana producing countries.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:44)
2. Report on the murder of three Cuban guards by an alleged group of counter-revolutionaries (00:45-01:15)
3. Lionel Martin reports from Havana on the three murders and translates into English parts of an interview with Umberto Valdes of the Cuban Revolutionary Police (01:16-03:29)
4. Interview with Alfonso Chardy of the Miami Herald newspaper, on the part the Cuban community in Miami is playing in the apparent growing dissent in Cuba (03:30-06:48)
5. Report on allegations of United States involvement in a Cuban terrorist plot (06:49-07:13)
6. Report on the political and economic difficulties of the Surinamese government since the new year (07:14-07:26)
7. Chandra van Binnendijk reports from Paramaribo on activities of the Surinamese government (07:27-08:38)
8. Report on economic improvement in Guyana (08:39-09:16)
9. Gordon Todd, Guyanese trade union leader expresses the view that there is a lack of impact of the economic growth in Guyana on the social services (09:17-09:55)
10. Report on the regular power outages in Guyana (09:56-10:08)
11. Sandra Baptise interviews Carl Greenidge, Guyana's Finance Minister on the possible sale of the Guyanese Electricity Company to foreign interest (10:09-11:54)
12. Report on the Shell Oil Company tax waiver issue and the involvement of two Jamaican cabinet ministers of the Jamaican Labour Party (11:55-12:25)
13. Interview with Oswald Harding, former Attorney General on his advice to the Jamaican Labour Party on the Shell Oil Company issue (12:26-14:25)
14. Report on a meeting between ministers and officials of Caribbean and Central American banana producing countries (14:26-14:40)