Caribbean Report 17-06-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. The West Indian Commission recommends the establishment of a CARICOM Commission to ensure that decisions taken by Heads of Government at a regional level are implemented. Correspondent Tony Fraser highlights aspects of the 591 page report (00:32-03:18)
3. Barbados Foreign Minister, Maurice King, says the region should object to a ruling by the US Supreme Court giving the United States Government authority to abduct suspects overseas, calling it a violation of territorial rights of other countries (03:19-05:42)
4. A report in Cuba’s official newspaper Granma, also agrees that the US has no right to impose its law of the Wild West on other countries (05:43-05:54)
5. A Haitian support campaign aimed at persuading the European Community to take part in a trade embargo against Haiti is launched in London. Correspondent Debbie Ransome interviews Christian Bonaparte, Aristide’s representative, and Mario Beaulieu, member of a Haitian political network at the launch (05:55-09:37)
6. In Haiti, Marc Bazin the candidate chosen by the de facto authorities, is expected to be installed as prime minister on Friday (09:38-09:46)
7. Jamaican Foreign Minister, David Coore is arranging transport for Haitian refugees desirous of returning to Haiti. This comes after 50 of the 90 refugees go on a hunger strike (09:47-10:18)
8. Correspondent Gary Allen interviews Dr. Brian Meekes, Senior lecturer in Government at The University of the West Indies, on the seriousness of Opposition Leader Edward Seaga’s call for Jamaica’s bi-cameral parliament to be replaced with a single chamber (10:19-14:29)
9. A recap of the headlines (14:30-14:52)