Caribbean Report 23-09-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:26)
2. Caribbean countries are utilizing all available platforms to send a message on free but fair trade. Since the ruling by WTO against Europe special treatment for Caribbean banana imports, regional leaders have been advocating for the rules to be rewritten. Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson voices his concern on the lack of consensus within the region. St. Kitts Nevis PM Denzil Douglas makes an impassioned plea at the UN General Assembly for UN to examine trade liberalization and impact on small states. Debbie Ransome reports on the advocacy efforts on banana trade and sugar protocols at global and regional meetings (00:27 – 04:47)
3. BBC business reporter Andrew walker reports from Washington on the HIPIC programme and a measure adopted by the IMF to sell 14 million ounces of gold to Central Banks and buy it back shortly afterwards. The money will be reallocated as part of a debt relief package for the world poorest country. Managing Director of IMF Director Michel Camdessus outlines the benefits of the program (04:48 – 07:38)
4. Easing sanctions for the sale of food and medicine to Cuba is proving to be a stumbling block for a 67 billion dollars farm spending bill in the US as law makers in the house and the senate have failed to hammer out a compromise agreement. Cuba Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roche discusses how approval of the sale would be a positive signal. Leslie Garth reports from New York (07:39 – 08:58)
5. In Guyana police shot dead one of a group of armed bandits who terrorized persons in Central Georgetown during an armed robbery. The Army was called in to help capture other bandits. Four persons have been injured. Commissioner Laurie Lewis discusses the ongoing investigation and security resources (08:59 – 12: 30)
6. US Drug Enforcement Administration have derailed a major drug smuggling operation out of Mexico and the Dominican Republic arresting persons and seizing millions of dollars in assets cash. A spokesman for the US Drug Enforcement Administration discusses the success of Operation Impunity a two year ongoing investigation (12:30 – 15:18)