Caribbean Report 29-12-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. A shortened season of goodwill in Guyana as police break up opposition demonstration against Janet Jagan. Aubrey Norton, General Secretry of the People's National Congress, Mile McCormack, Guyana Human Rights and Informatin Minister Moses Nagoomootoo are interviewed. Colin Smith reports (00:27-06:41)
3. Newly elected Prime Minister P.J. Patterson is to be sworn in tomorow for a second full term. Rupert Lewis, UWI, Mona is interviewed (06:42-09:39)
4. Montserrat's volcano is showing signs of life. Last Friday's major eruption has virtually wiped out the south western coast. Professor Steve Sparks, University of Bristol, United Kingdom is interviewed (09:40-11:46)
5. Grenadians vent their anger after a darkened Christmas. Workers of the electricity company went on strike on Tuesday as the company laid off thirteen casual workers. Lou Smith reports (11:47-13:51)
6. For the first time in three decades the people of Cuba celebrate Christmas as a public holiday like the rest of the region (13:52-15:23)