Caribbean Report 05-07-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards and Debbie Ransome (00:00 - 00:25)
2. On the first day of the CARICOM Summit held in Trinidad and Tobago, leaders are focusing on trade issues, establishing a subcommittee of heads of government to work on rewriting rules that govern CARICOM trade and the future of West Indies cricket. Host Prime Minister Basdeo Panday discusses removal of non-tariff barriers and economic constraints of smaller economies. Foreign Relations Minister Ralph Maharaj comments on international negotiations between the World Trade Organisation and Caribbean countries and finding a solution to banana export protocols and the need to develop solidarity with other developed countries in mounting political battles to address CARICOM economic needs. Prime Minister of Jamaica PJ Patterson shares his view on the establishment and funding of a Caribbean Court of Justice. Debbie Ransome reports (00:26 – 05:52)
3. Telecommunications customers in Jamaica are scheduled to pay higher telephone rates as established by the provider Cable & Wireless Jamaica. Minister of Technology and Commerce Phillip Powell offers justification for the increase in proposed rates. Ken Richards reports (05:53 – 08:10)
4. Newspapers in London are giving extensive coverage to an increase in crime following four shootings over the weekend. This increase in shootings within the last three months are being attributed to drug related wars. Kimberly Andrew reports (08:11 – 10:10)
5. Puerto Ricans protested in mass demonstrations which marred the July 4th independence day celebrations. Approximately 50,000 protestors on the streets underscored Puerto Ricans dissatisfaction with US military presence on the island of Vieques and the extensive use of the island for overhead bombing run practices. Gina Cavallaro Assistant Editor for the San Juan Star comments on the long term goals of the of the protests (10:11- 12:21)
6. The subject of cricket was one of the top agenda items occupying the attention of leaders at the CARICOM summit in Trinidad and Tobago. Prime Minster of Trinidad and Tobago Basdeo Panday urged immediate CARICOM intervention in rallying around the West Indies by mobilizing CARICOM support and resources. West Indies Cricket Board of Control President Pat Rousseau discusses the cost of hosting the 2007 World Cup (12- 15 million US dollars). Orin Gordon and Debbie Ransome report. (12:22 – 15:30)