Caribbean Report 13-07-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:28)
2. The Jamaica government has declared war on criminals by deploying the police and army to jointly patrol the streets. This follows a sharp rise in crime and gang related killings. Police have confirmed over 30 murders in the last 12 days and over 500 murders for the year. Prime Minister PJ Patterson discusses the need for the joint patrols, curfews and securing assistance from overseas security agencies. Hugh Small, former finance minister and Queens Counsel questions the use of the Jamaica Defense Force. Carol Orr reports (00:29 – 02:32)
3. The business affairs of Belizean Ambassador to the United Nation Michael Ashcroft is making headlines in Britain. The Times Newspaper is raising questions about his integrity as Treasurer for Britains’ main opposition party the Conservatives. Correspondent Keith Stone Greaves provides background information on Ashcroft, his role in the conservative party and business activities in Belize (02:33 - 06:49)
4. In Trinidad and Tobago, the opposition party People’s National Movement (PNM) has made an encouraging showing in local government elections winning 67 seats in contrast to 56 seats won by the ruling United National Congress. Prime Minister Basdeo Panday gives a postmortem on election results. Political analyst Derek Ramsamooj provides an overview of election results and the implications for national elections (06:50 – 10:21)
5. A leading expert in Haiti politics predicts that any further delays in calling national elections will prove disastrous for the small island nation. Alex Dupuy of Wesleyan University in Connecticut made these assertions in response to the human rights group National Coalition for Haitian Refugees calls to postpone the elections for six months due to fears of political violence and political insecurities (10:22 – 13:14)
6. In Barbados, delegates from sugar producing ACP countries are discussing possible threats to their guaranteed markets in Europe when a new Lome Treaty comes into effect. Barbados Agriculture Minister Anthony Woods is calling for ACP states to have a unified position with regards to WTO sugar protocols (13:14 – 14:44)
7. President of the US Chamber of Commerce Tom Donohue is in Cuba to explore opportunities for American businessmen in the country. Tom Donohue, a well known proponent of imposing embargos against Cuba is the first senior businessman to visit Cuba in 40 years (14:45 – 15:28)