Caribbean Report 05-03-1990


Amidst mounting pressures at home and abroad, the Haitian people anticipates the stepping down of President Prosper Avril. The president is warned by the Caribbean and Central American Action group to ensure a smooth transition to democracy. Secondly, the United States government is interested in free and fair general elections in Guyana and will be working to achieve this goal in the coming months. The report concludes with the defeat of Jamaican-born, Lloyd Honeyghan by American, Mark Breland at the WBA Welterweight Championship.


Includes a musical interlude at the beginning of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:29)
2. Mounting pressure for Haitian President Prosper Avril to step down amid opposition threats of mass demonstrations. Michael Norton reports from Port-au-Prince and comments from David Miller, Caribbean and Central American Action. Special report from Jerry Timmins in the Haitian village of Balam Bay (01:30-08:57)
3. Financial News. Rona O'Connell, Shearson Lehman Hutton comments on the price of gold (08:58-10:10)
4. US government interested in free and fair general elections in Guyana. Comments from Sally Cowal, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs and Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (10:11-12:26)
5. Boxer Lloyd Honeyghan defeated by Mark Breland in WBA Welterweight Championship. Interview with Lloyd Honeyghan (12:27-15:52)