Caribbean Report 31-01-2000



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1. Headlines: (00:00-00:27)
2. “Voters in Dominica went to the polls today to elect a new government in which the incumbent, The United Workers Party, is seeking a second term in office. The UWP is being closely challenged by the Opposition, The Dominica Labour Party with an additional challenge mounted by the Dominican Freedom Party”. Chief Election Officer Rita Seraphine is satisfied with the voter turnout and was predicting as much as 70% of the electorate would have gone to the polls. (00:28-02:10)
3. One of the important seats in this election is Roseau Central where the battle is between the incumbent Charles Severin who is the leader of the Dominica Freedom Party and Senator Norris Prevost, the Tourism Minister. The Labour Party candidate for Roseau Central, David Bruning, is seeking to withdraw his nomination from the Roseau Central constituency. The Chairman of the Elections Commission stated that the withdrawal was not valid. (02:11-07:07)
4. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, US President Bill Clinton resurfaced attention to be turned to developing countries for sustainable development through investment in human capital, education, health care, technology and infrastructure. Bill Clinton also cited the need to push Free Trade Initiatives with the Caribbean and Africa. There has been reaction to this from the Caribbean-American community. (07:08-09:47)
5. The authorities in St. Kitts and Nevis are infuriated at international and local press reports about crime on the island following two recent murders on the island. One of them is what Prime Minster Denzil Douglas describes as the senseless fatal shooting of British tourist Tony Featherstone. In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Douglas said these recent incidents have done nothing to change or negatively impact the image of the island as a safe and tranquil island paradise. He admitted that the government is particularly worried about the murder of a foreigner on the island. (09:48-12:43)
6. Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, has argued for more dialogue with Cuba. Mr. Cook was addressing a special audience at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, urging other nations to be open with Cuba. He also outlined his foreign policy priorities dealing with everything from globalization to the drug trade. (12:44-14:45)
7. Jury selection has begun in the trial of 4 policemen accused of killing a West African immigrant last February. A case which has led to renewed racial tension surrounding police treatment of ethnic minorities. The officers are charged with second degree murder for firing 41 bullets. (14:46-15:27)