Supplementary Table 1 for Sherriah, A., Devonish, H., Thomas, E. and Creanza, N.


This Supplemental Table, derived from Table 1 in the paper “Using features of a Creole language to reconstruct population history and cultural evolution: Tracing the English origins of Sranan”(Sherriah, Devonish, Thomas, Creanza, 2018), presents the 45 items used to define the similarity between Sranan and the speech of informants in the 313 locations in the Survey of English Dialects. For 33 of the items, a single phonetic variable, e.g., [r] or [h], is coded for presence (‘+’ or ‘1’) or absence (‘–’ or ‘0’). For the remaining 12, two variables are coded for presence or absence, with the resulting 4 combinations reduced to the same binary with ‘1’ being used if the English pronunciation corresponds to the Sranan reflex, and ‘0’, if it does not. To use the data one, therefore, need only use the Sranan vector of forty-five 0,1 combination to search for matching vectors across the 313 SED localities.


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