Caribbean Report 12-02-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. In Guyana there are mixed reactions following the hanging of a convicted murdered. This has renewed the entire dabate on the death penalty that includes the question of whether Caricom countries should cut ties with the Privy Council in London and establish its own Caribbean Court of Appeal. Dr Kenny Anthony, Caricom Secretariat General Council is interviewed. Warren Gordon reports (00:26-04:36)
3. Haiti's Culture Minister says he will not bow to the power of the gun. There has been a recent shooting of his home. Culture Minister Jean-Claude Bajeux is interviewed (04:37-06:45)
4. Frank Solomon a former diplomat and senior counsel in Trinidad and Tobago has just returned from Haiti on a fact finding mission to assess the country's judical and penal system. Former diplomat Frank Solomon is interviewed (06:46-09:42)
5. Bruce Golding is confident that his new National Democratic Movement will be a credible and long lasting force against Jamaica's three party political system. Leader of the National Democratic Movement Bruce Golding is interviewed by Hugh Crosskill (09:43-12:37)
6. In St. Kitts the devastation of the Mealybug threatens trade. Dr Jerome Thomas, Director of Agriculture is interviewed (12:38-14:25)
7. Two days of talks over the weekend failed to resolve the crisis over Australia and the West Indies to play in Sri Lanka because of security fears (14:26-15:21)