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This image shows an aerial view of Broad Street, Bridgetown in Barbados. This main street in the capital is lined with shops and stores. It is a busy street scene with lots of people, cars and horse drawn carriages and wagons. People are dressed on the fashion of the times, men in suits and women in long dresses. Everyone wears a hat. The architectural elements of the buildings are clearly shown. The names of some the businesses on this street can be recognized ; W. L. Johnson & Co. Ltd., which has businesses on both sides of the street; J. R. Bancroft & Co. Dry Goods Department and also Collins & Co. Carlisle Pharmacy. This is a divided back postcard. Back of the Postcard Published by Collins Carlisle Pharmacy. 28 Broad Street, Barbados British Manufacture Throughout AL 08 NP £9 (Handwritten in Pencil)


Portrait, Black and whiteThe stree, “3 ½” x 5½ ”

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Aerial views, Architectural elements, Balconies, Buildings, Carts and Wagons, Clothing & Dress, Roofs, Windows, Shutters, Stores and Shops, Streets, Cities and towns, Cityscapes