Knowledge and use of electronic information resources by medical sciences faculty at The University of the West Indies



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Objective: The objective was to determine faculty’s knowledge of electronic resources, access to a computer, use of electronic resources (both number and frequency) available at the Medical Sciences Library (MSL), and the areas of training needed and to identify areas for further research. Methods: A survey was administered to faculty in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and veterinary sciences at The University of the West Indies. The questions covered computer literacy, computer access and location, knowledge and use of electronic resources, and training needs. Results: The response rate was 70%, of whom 97% were computer users. Seventy-three percent used computers daily, and 82% felt that their computer literacy level was average or beyond. Overall, it was found that faculty had high awareness of the electronic resources made available by the MSL but low use of MSL-specific resources supporting the suggested problem of underutilization. Many respondents felt that e-resources were important, and, though many felt that they were competent users, 83% were self-taught and many still expressed a need for training. Over 60% felt that a workshop with a hands-on component was the preferred format for training. It was recommended that there be greater promotion of the library’s e-resources.


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Knowledge, Use, Electronic Information, Medical Sciences Faculty, Faculty, University of the West Indies


Renwick, Shamin. 2005. “Knowledge and Use of Electronic Information Resources by Medical Sciences Faculty at The University of the West Indies.” J Med Libr Assoc. 93 (1): 21-31.