Caribbean Report 05-06-1991

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. The British government urges Caribbean countries to sign the controversial Multilateral Air Service Agreement and says that the agreement would be of great benefit to the Caribbean in boosting tourist arrivals. Barbados has rejected the proposal and the British Aviation Minister responds to Barbados’ position (00:34-05:22)
3. At the annual meeting of the OAS in Santiago, Chile the members have agreed on an initiative designed to preserve democracy in the hemisphere. Sahadeo Basdeo, Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Minister, in Chile comments on if the agreement will cover both external and internal threats, and the chances of Cuba rejoining the association (05:23-09:35)
4. In yesterday’s report Lester Spaudling, President of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, blamed the West Indies Cricket Board of Control’s issuance of a broadcasting rights fee for the CBU’s inability to provide live coverage of the upcoming test series between the West Indies and England. Steve Camacho, Executive Secretary of WICBC responds to Mr. Spaudling’s comments (09:36-12:06)
5. According to the statistics of Britain’s Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Caribbean visitors to Britain are being refused entry in record numbers. Leslie Goffe reports (12:07-13:42)
6. The West Indies cricket selectors name the 13 team members for the next test series with England amidst uncertainty over the fitness of Desmond Haynes who is suffering from a back injury (13:43-14:56)