Caribbean Report 23-12-1996



Special Report on the impact of developments in Europe and elsewhere on the Caribbean region's banana industry and the implications for the future the subject of today's programme.

Table of Contents

Headlines (00:00-00:23)
2. The Windward Islands banana industry ails at the end of 1996 desperately seeking answers in the face of internal and external challenges. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:24-03:44)
3. Does the EU banana regime discriminate against Latin American Dollar Bananas? Director of Howard University, Centre of Developing Area Studies and Brussels-based Ambassador of the OECS and Columbian Diplomat Carlos Aturos are interviewed (03:45-07:11)
A WTO ruling upholding the complaint against the banana regime could mean a review of the system. WINDECO Chairman Arnim Eustace is interviewed (07:12-08:33)
5. Gordon Myers of the London-based Caribbean Banana Association is asked about the case for further review of the regime. Caricom Chairman Lester Bird says that the region cannot afford to give up the banana battle. Gordon Myers and Prime Minister Lester Bird are interviewed (08:34-13:20)
6. As the banana war between two regions of the Americas wages on heads are turning towards the Association of Caribbean States hoping that the Association could help resolve some of the issues. WINDECO Chairman Arnim Eustace and Dane Eugenia Charles are interviewed. Carol Orr reports (13:21-15:38