Caribbean Report 25-05-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. There is growing pressure for a Commission of Inquiry into Antigua and Barbuda's medical benefit scheme. Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer (00:27-04:29)
3. The Trinidad and Tobago's Opposition boycotts the country's Parliament. Opposition Cheif Whip Ken Valley is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (04:30-07:03)
4. Retired Appeal Court Judge Albert Matthew says a recent ruling on the issue of mandatory death sentence puts an added burden on the High Court Judge. Judge Albert Matthew is interviewed (07:04-10:21)
5. Why are some islanders being encouraged to vote in the British elections? Claude Hogan, Legislative Council (Parliament) of Montserrat and Head of the Montserrat Government United Kingdom Desk Janice Pantin and Deputy Co-ordinator of Operation Black Vote Ashok Viswanathan are interviewed. Basil Chambers reports (13:51-15:33)