Caribbean Report 15-11-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Caribbean Tourism receive positive reports at the World Travel Market. Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Jean Holder, says things are looking positive after initial setbacks due to the September 11th attacks (00:25-01:12)
3. Barbados reports good visitor bookings for the winter season. Louis Lynch, the Tourism Minister was in an upbeat mood when he spoke to the anchor from the World Travel Market in London (01:13-02:44)
4. The World Trade Organisation agrees to launch a broad and balanced set of free trade negotiations by next January. Chief Caribbean trade negotiator Shridath Ramphal speak on the developments (02:45-04:47)
5. The OECD announces a 3 month extension deadline for tax centers to meet its guidelines to curb harmful tax competition. Belgium and Portugal did not sign the declaration, a point regarded as significant by Ben Coleman the European Spokesman for the Barbados based International Tax and Investment Organisation (04:48-06:38)
6. The International Monetary Fund has scaled back projections for growth in the world economy to a rate at which some economist believe signals the onset of a global recession (06:39-07:05)
7. After a series of crippling strikes new labour legislation will be introduced in the Grenadian Parliament. However, the unions say the new legislation will stop them from taking strike action. Labour Minister Lawrence Joseph and President of the Trade Union Council Derek Allard speak on the issue (07:06-09:07)
8. For the first time in decades Cuba looks set to buy goods from the United States despite restrictions under the long standing US embargo (09:08- 10:55)
9. There will be no collaboration between George Odlum’s opposition Alliance Party and Dr. Morella Joseph United Workers Party in the upcoming St. Lucia elections. Mr. Odlum speaks with the anchor on the topic (10:56-13:29)
10. History is made in the Bahamas as the first woman Dame Ivy Dumont is appointed to act as Governor General (13:30-15:32)