Caribbean Report 25-05-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00: 29)
2. The government of Suriname is faced with protest action as demonstrators take to the street calling for the resignation of President Jules Wijdenbosch accused of failing to deal adequately with the country’s economic crisis (00:30 – 02: 47)
3. The political dialogue in Guyana between the two main parties has broken down. Both parties, the ruling People Progressive Party and opposition People National Congress has been warring since the general elections. Mediator of the talks CARICOM Secretary General Selwyn Carrington discusses his role. Rickey Singh weighs in on the process of brokering a deal (02: 48 - 05: 54)
4. The political situation in Anguilla remains in uncertainty following the resignation of Finance Minister Victor Banks over dissatisfaction with the Chief Minister Hubert Hughes leadership. Bernice Lake, Anguilla independent commentator discusses the impending resignation of Social Services Minister Edison Baird (05: 55 - 08: 51)
5. In Dutch Sint Maarten the outgoing administration accuses the ruling party which won the recent election of buying votes. Edgar Lynch deputy leader of the coalition of government discusses the allegations (08:52 -10:12)
6. The Jamaica People's National Party (PNP) is waging a buy Caribbean bananas campaign in London. BBC correspondent Michael O’ Brien interviews Julian Robinson on the merits of the campaign (10:12 – 12:04)
7. Trinidad and Tobago will host the Miss Universe competition. Reigning Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam is interviewed by BBC correspondent Emma Joseph (12: 05 – 15:21)