Caribbean Report 30-05-2000



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1. Headlines: (00:00-00:24)
2. Nurses in Antigua have returned to work after almost a week of industrial action. They have been protesting for higher wages and have now accepted a government offer which includes an interim pay increase, and the prospects for status reclassification. (00:25-03:02)
3. Dominicans have been complaining that the overseas travel agenda for their new Prime Minister is too extensive. But Prime Minister Rosie Douglas now on a trip to Canada, said he is trying to attract investments for Dominica. Also, the Canadian government asked him to help to secure the release of over 2,000 children who were abducted from an army camp in South Sudan. Mr Douglas is also expected to be pardoned by the Canadian government for a conviction as a student in Canada. (03:03-06:01)
4. A Cuban-born man who worked in a senior post for the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, was found guilty of espionage today. He was convicted for revealing secrets to a friend with ties to Cuba. (06:02-07:44)
5. Guyana’s opposition party, People’s National Congress, says it fully supports the holding of general elections next year in keeping with the CARICOM-brokered agreement between the countries two main political parties. The agreement also makes provision for necessary constitutional and electoral reform which have not yet been undertaken but should be in place before the elections. (07:45-11:10)
6.The hurricane season for the new millennium begins officially tomorrow, and the experts are predicting more dangerous storms than usual. Persons living on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico could be most at risk. (11:11-13:01)
7. In Haiti, ten men consisting of former and current police officers have been arrested and charged with hijacking a Haitian ferry. The suspected hijackers, a band of fake missioners, and dozens of dazed, innocent victims, stepped ashore on Port au Prince yesterday after a two-week ordeal at sea. (13:02-15:45)