Caribbean Report 13-02-1990


The program focuses on the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Cuba despite fierce criticism from Caribbean nations. Secondly, a report of the Dominican Republic’s economic structure in 1989 highlights the plight of the Caribbean countries as to why they did not heed the warning signs of the Republic’s intentions to export bananas to Europe. Following the Financial News, the report provides an update on the affairs in Haiti after the 10 day siege and as the Haitians prepare for Carnival. The report concludes with the concerns of Government ministers in Guyana on the United States reduction in funding and in attempts by Canada to meet with other donor countries to assist in buffering the impact of the American decision.


Includes musical interlude at the beginning of the report and the final segment ends abruptly.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:28)
2. Jamaica and Cuba re-establishes diplomatic links. Interview with Elliot Abraham, Assistant Secretary of State for Caribbean Affairs (01:29-04:33)
3. Was the Caribbean misled on the issue of the Dominican Republic's plan to export of bananas to Europe? Hugh Crosskill interviews Wilberne Persaud, Head of the Department of Economics of UWI (04:34-07:36)
4. Financial News. Comments from Graham Cooper on the increase in the price of coffee (07:37-08:58)
5. Update on the situation in Haiti after the 10 day state of siege. Michael Norton reports from Haiti (08:59-12:59)
6. Guyanese ministers meet to discuss the impact of the decision by the United States to cut funding. Sharief Khan reports (13:00-14:42)