Caribbean Report 25-05-1990

Guyanese for Democracy stepped up its efforts to focus international attention on Guyana’s electoral system. The London branch staged a protest demonstration outside the Guyana’s High Commission as a follow-up to a similar demonstration held in New York recently. Secondly, Haiti’s provisional president, Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, spends a second day in Washington addressing the OAS, as well as meeting with President Bush. Following the Financial News, voters in Dominica are gearing up for Monday’s general elections. Prime Minister, Eugenia Charles, and her party are seeking a third consecutive term in office amidst intense campaigning from the two major opposition parties. The next segment covered the Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press. The report concluded with mounting concerns about global warming from the international community and Guyana’s attempts to save its rainforests and rivers without external assistance.
Audio distorted at the beginning of the report.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:39)
2. Guyanese in London stage a protest outside the High Commission calling for free and fair elections. Pat Whitehorne interviews protestors, Ganesh Lall and Harikrishna Beharry (00:40-03:18)
3. OAS and UN invited to send observers to Haiti's long awaited elections. Jan Schiff reports from Port-au-Prince (03:19-05:20)
4. Financial News (05:21-006:101)
5. Dominica's three main political parties conclude an intense campaign trail for Monday's elections. Mike Boero interviews Michael Douglas of Dominica's Labour Party, Eddison James of the United Workers Party and Eugenia Charles of the Freedom Party (06:11-09:32)
6. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press by Pat Whitehorne (09:33-11:52)
7. Global warming and Guyana's rainforests. Comments from Bonny Fernandes, Executive Chairman of Guyana's National Parks Commission (11:53-15:02)