Caribbean Report 17-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. Early indications show that Jean-Bertrand Aristide has won the first free and fair elections in Haiti and is set to become the first democratically elected president. Jimmy Carter gave the elections process his seal of approval and lauded the role of the army in maintaining peace. However as supporters of Jean-Bertrand Aristide gathered outside the Saint Jean Basco Church clamoring for his arrival, a pregnant woman was shot and killed. Louis Roy and Neville Duncan are interviewed by Hugh Crosskill (00:36-09:39)
3. St. Lucia’s private sector attempts to ensure that the discussions in the Eastern Caribbean are not dominated by politics alone. Adrian O’Jeer, Executive Director of St. Lucia’s Chamber of Commerce, is interviewed of the demands of the private sector on the political union talks (09:40-11:54)
4. Michael Norton reports on the shooting of the women in the aftermath of the Haitian elections with claims by eyewitnesses that the shots were fired by a police officer (11:55-14:52)