Caribbean Report 18-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:34)
2. Ecuador was allowed by the World Trade Organization to impose more than $200 million in sanctions against the European Union in the long running row over European banana imports. Whilst, the Caribbean banana exporters whose preferential price arrangements with Europe was the subject of a successful challenge at the WTO. The EU has also been hit with sanctions from the United States over the same dispute. (00:35-02:16)
3. St Lucian Foreign Minister George Odlum believes that Caribbean countries should not sign the Suva Convention, which will replace the Lomé Trade and Aid Agreement with Europe, to protest against Cuba’s withdrawal of its application to join the ACP group. He thinks that the United States is influencing Europe and Canada to take a tough stance in criticizing Cuba’s human rights record. (02:17-03:03)
4. A run-off has been avoided in the Dominican Republic general elections after the two other leading candidates finally accepted the victory of the opposition candidate, Hipolito Majier. (03:04-05:54)
5. “Some pressure has been taken off the Grenada government with the settlement of a pay dispute with Port workers. But the strike by employees at the Granada Broadcasting Network is continuing, as well as a dispute over nurses’ pay”. (05:55-08:55)
6. The European Union is to change the way it donates aid across the world after it has been said that the EU does not implement its commitments to the needy in a timely manner. Oxfam Policy Advisor, Nicola Reindorp, comments on how aid money is shared, and how aid is declining. (08:56-13:00)
7. “New York police said they have caught the leader of a gang of Rastafarians who systematically smashed, defaced, and destroyed statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary at Roman Catholic churches throughout Brooklyn. He told investigators that he used a sledge hammer to break the heads and arms of the statues because they violated the biblical commandment against worshipping graven images”. (13:01-15:22)