Caribbean Report 30-03-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. P. J. (Percival James) Patterson succeeds Mr. Michael Manley as Prime Minister of Jamaica, after receiving 2322 of the 3500 votes from delegates of the People’s National Party. Correspondent Tim Fawcett reports (00:34-03:31)
3. The inauguration ceremony for Jamaican Prime Minister Designate P. J. Patterson is carded for this evening. The Standing Cabinet, Junior Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries are expected to step down. Finance Minister Hugh Small expresses his readiness to work with Mr. Patterson in an interview with the anchor (03:32-06:14)
4. In as much as Jamaican Prime Minister P. J. Patterson has committed to following the economic policy of his predecessor Mr. Manley, Finance Minister Hugh Small sees the government as needing to deal with issues of inflation, sustaining democracy and stabilizing the dollar, urgently (06:15-07:45)
5. University of the West Indies Lecturer, Dr. Brian Meeks shares his thoughts on the Patterson’s administration’s ability to achieve its goals without creating social instability in an interview with the anchor (07:46-10:31)
6. The three opposition parties in Antigua and Barbuda have merged, forming a new party known as the United Progressive Party that will be headed by Baldwin Spencer. Mr. Spencer, leader of the former United National Democratic Party, talks about the reason behind the merger (10:32-12:31)
7. Dr. Paul Sutton, Foreign Relations Advisor to the West Indian Commission, is urging the Caribbean to put in place a common policy regarding relations with North America, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Correspondent Tony Fraser reports (12:32-14:40)