Caribbean Report 03-11-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Jessica Robertson (00:00 - 00:26)
2. UN Legislation to lower trade barriers with Africa Caribbean and Central America is scheduled for senate approval and passage in the US senate. The bill will lower or eliminate tariffs and quotas from the region and also facilitate US business investing in Caribbean. Richard Bernal Jamaica Ambassador to US and OAS discusses the impact on Caribbean development. Professor of International Relations at American University Philip Brenner is pragmatic and calls for more linkages and incentives with other countries (00:27 – 05:17)
3. In St. Vincent Member of Parliament Stanley “Stalky” John has been removed from the shadow cabinet of the opposition Unity Labour Party (ULP) due to his outspokenness on foreign and legal affairs. Stanley John comments on ignoring party’s directives. Vincent Beech ULP spokesman discusses reasons for dismissal. ULP Deputy leader Ken Boyer analyses the effects of the discord nationally and regionally (05:18 – 08:41)
4. Repositioning the Commonwealth into 21st century was the key agenda item addressed by Commonwealth leaders during the last meeting of century. The Biennial report was tabled by Chief Emeka Anyaoku. Anyaoku discusses restoration of and obligation of Commonwealth in restoring democracy in Pakistan. Debbie Ransome reports on agenda items which includes political and economic issues (08:42 – 11:21)
5. UN Climate conference in Bonn is underway and main agenda item is getting industrialize nations to meet obligation to cut green house gas emissions. BBC correspondent interviews Caribbean delegates representatives from St Lucia, Guyana on conference agenda items (11:22 – 13:39)
6. Former WI all-rounder Carl Hooper considers returning to international cricket . Cricket commentator and journalist Fazeer Mohammed and Orin Davidson sports editor of Stabroek News discusses Hooper’s return and the effect on future development of West Indies cricket. Orin Gordon reports (13:40 – 15:34)