Caribbean Report 26-06-1990


Time is running out for the Caribbean banana producers if they are to influence the restricting of the banana market in Europe after 1992. The Caribbean Banana Exporters Association (CBEA) and the UK government held discussions on the controversial British proposal for the regularization of Europe’s banana trade. The CBEA was unable to persuade the British government to modify the proposal and it is now imperative that the Caribbean leaders go to Europe to present their case on a face-to-face level. Secondly, the air and sea ports remain close today in Paramaribo as the trade union federation continues their struggle. Amongst the six major demands, the unions are calling for a clear government policy on the army, an end to drug trafficking and corruption, and the disarming of all illegally armed groups. Following the Financial News, thousands of people gather at the second rally of the newly formed political party, the Guyanese Action for Reform and Democracy. The report concludes with the views of the British Trade Unions Congress that black people will have their freedom of movement restricted and racial equality will disappear when Europe 1992 becomes a reality.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:49)
2. Caribbean leaders must make last minute trip to Europe to save the banana trade after 1992. Interviews with John Compton, Prime Minister of St. Lucia and Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister of Dominica (00:50-05:01)
3. Suriname air and sea ports remain close as the strike action continues for a second day. Pat Whitehorne interviews Ramon Cruden, executive member of the trade union federation (05:02-08:40)
4. Financial News. Robin Bhar, Metal Analyst, comments on the price of nickel on the world market (08:41-10:15)
5. Second political rally of the Guyanese Action for Reform and Democracy draws thousands of supporters. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (10:16-12:00)
6. The impact of Europe 1992 on black people and the Caribbean. Leslie Garth interviews Glen Ford, member of the European Parliament and leader of the British Labour Party Group in Brussels (12:01-14:54)