Caribbean Report 05-11-1996

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Nevisian Premier Vance Amory takes his bid for secession to London. Nevisian Premier Vance Amory is interviewed (00:28-03:45)
3. Election preparations in Montserrat - we go to the shelters to hear what the people think. Montserratians are interviewed and James White, Jr reports (03:46-07:13)
4. Immigration the big election issue for Caribbeans residing in New York. Professor Basil Wilson, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Professor Larry Burns, Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington are interviewed. Leslie Goffe reports (07:14-09:07)
5. Nevis Opposition Leader Joseph Parry told us that he or his party would not be supporting next week's votes to separate the island from its island neighbour. Premier Vance Amory is interviewed (13:42-15:20)