Caribbean Report 22-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Jessica Robertson (00:00 - 00:26)
2. Tropical storm Jose continues to affect islands in the northeastern Caribbean with torrential rains. Mike Jarvis reports from St. Maarten, Wakefield Richardson reports from Anguilla and Orin Gordon reports from Antigua (00:27 – 06:45
3. Guyana and Cuba are strengthening relations as announced during a Joint Commission. Colin Smith reports on the agreement in areas of health, agriculture and the construction sector. Guyana Foreign Minister Clement James Rohee discusses deepening of relations between the two countries (06:46 – 09:06)
4. As free trade agreement of the Americas consultations loom Caribbean countries are being urged to take an integrated approach to discussions. Jamaica Ambassador to US Richard Bernal discusses the meeting agenda with correspondent Keith Stone Greaves (09:07 - 11:14)
5. In New York , internal affairs detective Gary Alfred accused of mishandling a report of torture to a Haitian immigrant has been suspended without pay for 30 days (11:14 – 12:06)
6. Emma Jones reports from Bahamas on the island’s recovery from Hurricane Floyd. Colin Higgs Undersecretary to Bahamas Environment Science and Technology Commission discusses the full extent of damage including severe erosion and repairs on the island’s coastlines (12:07 - 15:28)