Caribbean Report 31-12-1990

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Whitehorne, Pat (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Mas Canosa, Jorge (interviewee)
Smith, Wayne (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Special edition.

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2. Cuba continues to cling to socialist ideals and is becoming increasingly isolated a year after the winds of change swept through Eastern Europe. Jorge Mas Canosa, Chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation, predicts that 1991 will usher in the demise of Fidel Castro and shares his vision for a reformed Cuba in a post-Castro era. His strategy for Cuba’s economic revival includes a free market economy and the creation of an economy not dependent on foreign assistance fuelled by the return of exiled talent and wealth. Dr. Wayne Smith, Director of Cuban Studies at the John Hopkins University in Washington, states that Jorge Mas Canosa is unlikely to secure the popular support of Cubans and therefore not succeed Fidel Castro as president. In 1991 the future of Cuba will inevitably attract much attention and Jorge Mas Canosa further contends there is a need for closer links between Cuba and the other Caribbean countries.