Caribbean Report 29-08-1991

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Haiti on the brink of another constitutional and political crisis as the debate for the removal of Prime Minister Rene Preval continues in the parliament. Michael Norton reports that Mr. Preval has refused to attend the parliamentary meetings called to consider the motions against him (00:36-02:26)
3. At the Caribbean Basin Business Conference, Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Michael Manley, gives his support to developing a joint Caribbean/Central American position in dealing with certain issues such as the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative, NAFTA and the single European market. Comments from David Lewis, organizer of the conference, the new collaborative thrust between the Caribbean and Central America (02:27-06:24)
4. Widespread speculation in Antigua and Barbuda that a 10% wage cut for public servants is included in the recent cost-cutting measures of the government. An interview with the Finance Minister, Molwyn Joseph will be featured in tomorrow’s report (06:25-06:56)
5. Cuban authorities have reacted cautiously to the wave of change sweeping through the Soviet Union and insist that such developments will not impact Cuba. Lionel Martin reports from Havana. Cuba also seeks a lifting of the US trade embargo as it struggles for economic survival. According to Dr. Wayne Smith, a former US diplomat in Havana, Cuba remains too much of an emotional issue for American attitudes to change (06:57-12:22)
6. Three months since the Surinamese went to the polls and a president has still not been appointed. Chandra van Bennendijk reports that the process is now passed on to a United People’s meeting comprising of representatives in the district councils and the regional councils. The report also focuses on the impact of the delay of appointing a new president on the country (12:23-14:54)