Caribbean Report 27-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00:34)
2. Dominican Presidential Candidate Leonel Fernandez sounds a conciliatory note to his rival despite reports of negative campaigning. Jean-Michel Cairot reports (00:35-04:06)
3. Trinidad and Tobago places the removal of trade barriers at the top of its wish list for next week's Caricom Summit. Dr Keith Mitchell says he wants to see more serious moves towards the Caricom single market. He, also, wants the matter of agricultural diversification to be addressed. Prime Ministers Basdeo Panday and Keith Mitchell are interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (04:07-07:40)
4. US and Venezuelan officials have agreed that the UN Seurity Council should extend a period of deployment of its peace keeping forces in Haiti for another five months. Venezuela's Ambassador to the United Nations is interviewed (07:41-08:25)
5. The signing of a corporation agreement between Cuba and the European Union is still somewhere away, however, EU parliamentary officials feel certain that dialogue is pointing in that direction. EU parliamentarians have sounded a fresh warning against the US Helms-Burton legislation which tightens sanctions against Cuba. Stanley Newens, European Parliament is interviewed (08:26-10:05)
6. An international committee discusses the report on a Cuban downing of two civilian planes. Hutton Archer, International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) is interviewed (10:06-13:16)
7. A call has come from Caribbean countries to ban together in order to protect the region's ports. An official in St. Lucia Gregory St. Helen is interviewed (13:17-14:23)
8. Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has added his voice to criticism of the US for releasing former paramilitary leader Emmanuel Constant (14:24-15:28)