Caribbean Report 09-05-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Has the Bahamas made enough progress in tightening their financial system? Financial Minister Sir William Allen is interviewed (00:27-03:50)
3. Caribbean countries have been making clear exactly how hard hit they will be by global warming. Meanwhile, Fidel Castro has been visiting Iran. Daniel Schweimler and Mostafa Moin report (03:51-08:12)
4. Testing for HIV/AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago looks set to rocket. Dr Bilali Camara is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (08:13-11:00)
5. In Britain, the pressure group Operation Black Vote is attacking the political parties over how they have placed their black candidates. Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote is interviewed (11:01-13:44)
6. Friday May 11th 2001 marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Legend Bob Marley (13:45-15:41)