Criteria for Assessment of Qualifications for Teaching at the Secondary Level in Trinidad and Tobago



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Ministry of Education, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Trinidad and Tobago


The information in this document provides an overview of the subject content and skill criteria for assessment of teachers at the highest possible assessment in the respective subject areas. A summary of each identified criteria and the relative credit weighting is provided so that prospective applicants may select courses at any institution where the programme of study offered meets the stated requirement. Attention needs to be paid also to the level of the content specified, introductory in some cases, but more advanced or specialized studies in others. For the purpose of this document, one (1) credit is accepted as being equivalent to twelve (12) to fifteen (15) hours of contact time for the university course taken. Since programmes of study with similar titles have variability across tertiary institutions the world over, detailed course outlines may be required in order to ascertain the breadth and depth of content and skill covered by a particular programme or institution.


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Assessment criteria, Secondary school, Trinidad and Tobago, Teacher qualification