Caribbean Report 12-07-1990


The refugee crisis in Cuba continues as seven more Cubans take up refuge in the Czechoslovakian Embassy. In addition to the seven asylum seekers yesterday, the fourteen refugees are now requesting safe passage out of the country. Secondly, in order for the Caribbean countries to expand trade with the European Economic Community, the EEC recommends that the Caribbean nations reorganise their economies, improve marketing techniques and prepare for tougher competition in European markets. In the Financial News segment, Abigail Bakan comments on her paper entitled “Labour and Capital in Canada and the Caribbean” presented at the 14th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies in Northern England. In the next segment, the Brazilian exporters react to the return of the international export quotas to control coffee supplies and prices. Following, a Haitian delegation is at the United Nations to gain support and assistance for the country’s upcoming elections and explores the redrafting of the 1987 election law to align it with the present political status of Haiti. The report concludes with the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in New York criticising the Dominican Republic for its treatment of Haitian sugar workers. The government of the Dominican Republic dismisses all criticisms and claims that the working conditions of Haitians in the Dominican Republic are acceptable as compared to workers in other countries.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. More Cubans take refuge in the Czechoslovakian embassy. Comments from Paul Rohan, BBC Czechoslovakia Service (00:35-02:18)
3. EEC warns the Caribbean to prepare for tougher competition from other developing countries. Shada Islam reports with an interview with George Mallet, St. Lucia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade (02:19-04:23)
4. Financial News. Abigail Bakan, Professor of Political Studies at Queen's University in Canada comments on trade relations between Canada and the Caribbean (04:24-06:18)
5. Brazilian exporters oppose the return of the international export quotas to control coffee supplies and prices. Robin Stainer, Commodity Analyst, comments on the effects on the Caribbean countries (06:19-07:44)
6. Haitian delegation at the UN seeks support and assistance for the upcoming elections in Haiti. Chris Gunness interviews Jean-Robert Sabala, President of the Elections Council in Haiti (07:45-10:42)
7. Government of the Dominican Republic states that Jamaicans in New York are treated far worst that Haitians cane cutters in the Dominican Republic. Interview with Jose Arteaga, Advisor to President Balaguer (10:43-14:45)