Caribbean Report 19-11-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Guyana’s rice producers called on President Cheddi Jagan to seek Caricom intervention in the rice dispute with Jamaica. Sharief Khan reporting from Georgetown indicated that the dispute surrounds the impact of Jamaica’s importation of American rice rather than Guyanese rice. Interview with Jamaica’s Minister of Agriculture, Seymour Mullings (00:25-04:55)
3. The Council of Ministers of the African Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP) meet on Monday to come up with a response to the collapsing banana protocol with Europe. Carl Greenidge, the newly appointed ACP Deputy Secretary General says the collapse of preferential access for ACP bananas when the single European market opens in January will throw the Caribbean banana producing countries into turmoil (04:56-06:36)
4. Germany’s powerful banana importers lobby is about to launch a nation-wide campaign designed to set public opinion against continued special treatment for ACP exporters. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl refers to the protectionist machinations that show the French, British and Spanish of trying to favor the banana interest of their former colonies by asking European countries to slap special duties and quotas on Latin American bananas (06:36-07:35)
5. The shooting death of another policeman in Jamaica continues to raise concern about the impact of crime on the country’s tourism industry. The killing now brings the number of policemen killed this year to 12. However, official figures have been showing an increase in tourist arrivals in Jamaica. Interview with Raphael Barrett, Chairman of the Jamaican Tourist Board (07:35-09:36)
6. Suriname is seeking more foreign help in its fight against drugs. The country’s location in South America has made it particularly vulnerable to cocaine shipment destined for Europe and the US. Interview with Chandrikapersad Santokhi, Suriname’s Assistant Police Commissioner in London who is seeking assistance in the drugs war (09:37-12:31)
7. There are now 38 confirmed cases of cholera in Guyana’s northwest region and the death toll has gone up to three. Interview with Peter Carr, Pan American Health Organization official who comments on the extensiveness of the outbreak and how PAHO and other health agencies are assisting (12:32-14:06)
8. International environment organization, Greenpeace said today that Caribbean protest against the passage of a Japanese plutonium shipment has apparently worked in forcing a change in course. A statement issued by Greenpeace also urged Caricom governments to go further and take all necessary action to stop shipments of Japanese nuclear waste (14:07-14:41)