Caribbean Report 17-08-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:30)
2. The role of the US in Africa, Caribbean and other nation states is one of the significant talking points in the upcoming US general elections. US President Bill Clinton in a speech before the Veteran of Foreign Wars Convention in Missouri defends his request to Congress to provide 14 billion US dollars in international assistance to these countries. He argues that this aid will bolster and maintain the US global role. Larry Burns Director of Washington based Council of Hemispheric Affairs analyses Clinton’s role in domestic, international affairs, foreign policy and international aid (00:31 – 04:14)
3. In Guyana over 300 persons, mainly Amerindians, travelled to the capital Georgetown to stage a peaceful protest over the discharge of toxic waste from one of the largest South American gold mines into the Essequibo river. US based attorney Dennison Smith comments on the case, citing the action by over 23,000 local residents who are seeking justice and are bringing litigation against Canadian owned Omi Goldmine Limited. Residents claim that the company mines are polluting river, affecting livelihood and health. Owners of the mine have counteracted with claims that the level of waste is within international standards. Colin Smith reports from Guyana (04:15 - 07:49)
4. Authorities in the US Virgin Islands are trying to ascertain how 40 Chinese immigrants entered the island of St. John illegally. According to officials, since March of this year over 180 illegal Chinese nationals have been smuggled into the territories. Evan Ortiz spokesman for US Immigration and Naturalization service discusses smuggling operations in US Virgin Islands (07:50 – 10:06)
5. In Jamaica, the murder of well-known political figure and business woman Rose Leon is being hotly debated and widely reported. Ms. Leon died at her home in Cooper Hill in St. Andrews, she was strangled and her home ransacked. Madam Leon or Lady Rose as she was popularly known became the first party chairman in the 1940s with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). She also served as a Minister in both the JLP and People’s National Party (PNP). Yvette Rowe reports on tributes paid to her personal and business life (10:07 – 13:00)
6. London Metropolitan police are investigating the latest in a spate of black on black shootings in North West London. Many of these incidents are blamed on yardie style murders, killers allegedly having Jamaican connections. Andrew Knott news reporter with Manchester News reports on gang wars. BBC Naresh Puri reports on the effects of violence on the livelihoods of teenagers in Manchester (13:00 – 15:26)