Caribbean Report 26-03-1992

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. In Jamaica, Donald Keith Duncan, a former People’s National Party General Secretary and Field Manager for Portia Simpson, is meeting with his group over accusations against Party Chairman P. J. Patterson of vote padding. Correspondent Gary Allen reports (00:38-02:46)
3. Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley makes his farewell speech to parliament urging that constitutional reform be pursued vigorously. Correspondent Gary Allen reports (02:47-05:50)
4. Cross-border illegal immigration from Haiti to the Dominican Republic is reportedly on the rise again despite the fact that many left, or were deported last year, following international condemnation of the Joaquín Balaguer government. Correspondent Kevin Noblet reports (05:51-08:37)
5. In the Dominican Republic, a Roman Catholic radio station, Radio Enriquillo, run by Father Pedro Rouquoy, uses musical newscasts to broadcast information to neighbouring Haiti (08:38-11:23)
6. Although Grenada has withdrawn its objection to an application by Cuba to join the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are likely to object when the vote is taken at the June meeting of the organization (11:24-13:18)
7. The Windward Islands Regional Constituent Assembly meets in St. Lucia tomorrow to finalize administrative details of proposals for unification. Earl Huntley, former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that though the Windward Islands unity is not a campaign issue this would not set back the unification drive (13:19-13:53)
8. Antigua Bar Association President Gerald Watt says the association has been silent for too long and is calling a meeting to discuss recent events in the country which hold serious implications for law and order (13:54-14:29)