Caribbean Report 05-06-1990


Dominican Republic’s main opposition party, the Dominican Liberation Party, headed by Juan Bosch states that it has new evidence to substantiate claims that the May 6th general election was fraudulent. This follows a statement by the Head of the Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic announcing the suspension of the process of verifying the results and the condemnation of Jimmy Carter and his observer team. Following the Financial News, Philip Nunez highlights the urgency for the Caribbean leaders to agree on supporting the West Indies Shipping Company (WISCO), in light of a recent study showing that with proper economic support WISCO can become a viable operation. In the next segment, Grenada’s dismissed High Commissioner to London, Oswald Gibbs, attends his last official function and was locked out of his office. The report concludes with the Commonwealth Expert Group submitting a Joint Commonwealth Guyana Programme to manage one million acres of the country’s Amazonian rainforest.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:45)
2. The Dominican Republic's main opposition parties state that they have further evidence to support claims of massive electoral fraud. Comments from Emmanuel Espinal, spokesman for the PLD and Donald Reid Cabral, former President of the Dominican Republic (00:46-05:39)
3. Financial News. Philip Smith, Commodity Trader, comments on the price of cocoa (05:40-07:07)
4. Bright future for the West Indies Shipping Company if the Caribbean governments pay up twenty million dollars in arrears. Interview with Philip Nunez, Transportation Advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Government (07:08-09:07)
5. Grenada's recently dismissed High Commissioner to London complains of being locked out of his office. Hugh Crosskill interviews Oswald Gibbs (09:08-11:19)
6. After completing a mission to Guyana, a Commonwealth Expert Group produces a Joint Commonwealth Guyana Programme. Leslie Garth interviews Dr. Bal Ramdial, member of the Commonwealth Expert Group and Dean of National Institute of Higher Learning, Trinidad and Tobago (11:20-14:54)