Caribbean Report 15-01-2003

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:26)
2. Antigua, one of the Region’s main hubs for air travel suffers badly from a bout of industrial action for higher wages and address of health concerns. BWIA and American Airlines flights are among the carriers affected. Passengers at Antigua’s V.C. Bird International Airport comment in this Ken Richards report (00:27-02:53)
3. A body scanner installed at Curacao’s Hato International Airport to help fight drug trafficking to Holland stirs up controversy. Some officials such as the island’s Minister of Health are protesting that the machine will expose passengers to dangerous levels of radiation. Orin Gordon reports (02:54-04:24)
4. Junior doctors at Trinidad and Tobago’s major hospitals are off the job and demanding fair contracts. Several senior doctors have tendered their resignations. Dr. Angelo Fortune, Vice President Medical Professionals Association (MPATT) states that current contracts are inadequate for doctors' professional and financial needs (04:25-07:38)
5. In Guyana, three men are held with high powered arms and sophisticated electronic equipment and granted bail. Spokesman Robert Persaud presents the Working People’s Alliance party views on crime. Robert Corbin, leader of the People’s National Congress meets with the Commissioner of Police and is interviewed by correspondent Ben Meade (07:39-13:36)
6. Dominica police are viewing seriously a death threat made against Alix Boyd Knights, Speaker of the House of Assembly (Parliament). A threatening letter was accompanied by an unknown white powdery substance. Cyril Carrette, Assistant Superintendent confirms the ongoing investigation to BBC’s Ben Meade (13:37-15:31)