Caribbean Report 10-07-1990


As Haiti prepares for elections in November, the return of two key military leaders, Roger Lafontant and Williams Regala, sends shockwaves throughout the country. There are also speculations of a pending coup to reinstate the former Haitian president, Leslie Manigat, who is expected to arrive in Haiti tomorrow. Following the Financial News, the Caricom Heads of Government gear up for the Jamaican summit at the end of July and many of the deadlines set out in the Grand Anse Declaration in Grenada last year have not been met. In the next segment, seven Cubans have taken refuge in the Czechoslovakian embassy in Havana. They are members of the opposition groups in Cuba who have been asking for permission to leave the island to publicise their views abroad. The report concludes with the Jamaican sprinter, Merlene Ottey recording the faster time this year in the 200 meters at the Grand Prix Athletics Meeting in Nice.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Haiti prepares for the next gereral elections and tension grows in the country after the return of former military leaders. Comments from Fritz Longshaw, Executive Director of the Washington Office on Haiti and Chris Gunness interviews Kesler Clermont, Foreign Minister of Haiti (00:37-05:44)
3. Financial News (05:45-06:44)
4. As the next Caricom summit looms, the Caribbean countries have been unable to meet last year's deadlines. Sandra Baptiste interviews Byron Blake, Director of Economics and Industry of the Caricom Secretariat (06:45-10:21)
5. Cuban activists take up refuge in the Czechoslovakian embassy in Haiti. Andre casion reports from Havana (10:22-14:35)
6. Jamaican sprinter, Merlene Ottey records the fastest time this year in the 200 meters (14:36-14:55)